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If you use any of these individuals and/or services and for some reason have a problem, please call 719.357.5028 or email: and let us know about it.

And if there is a holistic service that you do not see listed, but may be interested in learning more about (need more info or referral), please also feel free to contact us, as we probably still know others in the Colorado Springs community who offer the services that you need.

Please Note: if you are seriously ill, please contact your health care provider.

Allergies: Wendy McGowan

Aromatherapy: Phoebe Atkins

Artisans: Wendy Carter

Body Work: David Mals LMT, Mark Valkonen LMT

Business Concierge: Laura Archuleta

CBD Oil: Hilary Serrao

Chef: Stevie Winsborrow, NDTR

Chiropractic Care: Abigail Dring, DC, Bonnie May DC,

Closed Head Injuries: Regina Clarke, Amy Cook-Porter RCST, David Mals LMT, Shelly Shepard

Concierge Laundry: Desiree Hickson

Counseling:   Wendy Carter LCSW, Dee Gromelski LPCC, Sharon “River” Hansen, Lorrie Urbaniak MS, LMFT, Holistic LIfe Coach

Craniosacral Therapy:  Amy Cook-Porter RCST, David Mals LMT

Editing: Nina Durfee

Energy Work:  Phoebe Atkins, Kay DuBois, RM HTCP, Sherry Mason, Selena Omega (Energy Healing with Sacred Geometry), D Lynn Schulz, Barbara Kajan Scott

Essential Oils:  Christina Freshman, Samantha Sargent

Eye Health: Suzanne Metzger

Feng Shui: Suzanne Metzger

Financial Planning: Susan Richards

Graphic Design: Michele McCann

Guided Meditations: Mar-Yannu

Healing Touch: Kay DuBois, Sherry Mason

Health Coaching: Patricia Johnson, RN, CHTP, RM

Health Insurance: Antonio Briceno

Healthcare and Products: Bonnie May DC, Wendy McGowan

Herbalist: Brendan Williams

Hypnotherapy:  Sharon “River” Hansen, Suzanne Metzger

Life Coach: Tamara Herl, Barbara Kajan Scott, Lorrie Urbaniak MS, LMFT, Holistic LIfe Coach

Lymphatic Therapy: Amy Cook-Porter, RCST

Marketing: Michele McCann, Hilary Serrao, Terra Essentials

Massage Therapy: Roberta Genet, David Mals LMT

Nutrition: Wendy McGowan

Nutritional Supplements: Bonnie May DC

Printing: Michele McCann

Psychotherapy: Sharon River Hansen

Readings: Phoebe Atkins, Mar-Yannu, D Lynn Schulz

Reflexology: Christina Freshman

Reiki: Phoebe Atkins, Barbara Kajan Scott, D. Lynn Schulz

Science of Mind: Barbara Kajan Scott

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, online help): Desiree Hickson, Michele McCann

Spiritual Coaching: Barbara Royal, Sylvia Strickland

Therapy: Wendy Carter LCSW (Suicide Prevention), Sharon “River” Hansen (Couples), Tamara Herl,

Workshop Facilitators: Tamara Herl

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