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The Colorado Springs Holistic Networker Association defines “Holistic” as: “Treating the whole person to bring into greater harmony the mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual dimensions of his or her being, by coupling the principles and elements of holistic healing with self-regenerative and self-reparatory treatment modalities.” The HNA supports holistic practitioners, manufacturers, teachers, marketers, and those who follow and support holistic philosophies.

About The Holistic Networkers Association

The Holistic Networkers Association was formed in 1995 in Colorado Springs by a small group of professionals, including local holistic lawyer, Ruth Snyder. The goal was to promote the holistic and spiritual link between our businesses and the Colorado Springs Community by supporting other holistic-minded individuals, educating the community regarding the holistic approach to life, and providing a social environment to connect with like-minded people.

Today, professionals of all areas participate in order to educate the community. Traditional networking groups concentrate on increasing business and wealth for their members. While we agree that increased abundance is desirable, we also aim to serve the “whole” of our clients, to promote our personal growth, and to uplift the entire community.

Characteristics of the Holistic Community

  • Use organic and/or natural (rather than man-made) products
  • Believe in the “balance” between the natural and scientific world
  • Do what’s in Earth’s best interest (recycle, reuse, walk/bike/carpool, etc.)
  • Support local farmers, artisans, and crafters
  • Volunteer your talents for holistic-related events and activities
  • Advocate – HNA is an advocate for all alternative, holistic practices, and practitioners. We support people’s right to choose their health care options.
  • Educate – One of HNA’s primary initiatives is to educate individuals, groups and the community at large about holistic practices that put the health and welfare of the individual first.
  • Speak Up – HNA helps to sponsor Kim Green, an independent holistic healthcare and practices lobbyist. We support her efforts to keep holistic practices legal in the State of Colorado.

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