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The HNA is committed to offering our members who have holistic practices and our visitors who may be on a learning path or knowledgable consumers opportunities to engage with and learn from one another. We may not be meeting in person for a time but we invite you to attend our public Zoom panels or Facebook livestreams to remain engaged with our community. All of our communications will include a guest speaker who presents on relevant holistic-related topics. In addition, the HNA will continue to host or co-partner with local organizations, clubs, businesses for Colorado Springs community events such as the “Local Holistic Health Week Fair” and classes at Miriam’s Place, whenever feasible. All HNA events are open to the public by reservation. Please RSVP no later than the Tuesday prior to the event.


Today, the Holistic Networkers Association is asking you to help feed the Colorado Springs COMMUNITY in need. Will you join us with a small donation of $10 that will help feed your neighbors by supporting two local organizations: WESTSIDE CARES and COLORADO SPRINGS FOOD RESCUE?

Food banks across our nation are struggling to keep up with the demand due to COVID-19. No one should go hungry in our city.

No one is coming to save the average citizen. Because no one is coming to save the average citizen who is facing a crisis, it is up to us, as a COMMUNITY, to help.

Our neighbors and friends need our support RIGHT NOW.

People who have lost their jobs and livelihoods through no fault of their own but due to COVID-19 emergency measures need food RIGHT NOW.

Your COMMUNITY needs your help desperately. Unemployment benefits have run out, but due to the pandemic jobs continue to be scarce. This is limiting many sources of income or financial support and so many no longer have a safety net.

It may seem like hyperbole, but you may be the only hope for so many people in your COMMUNITY.

Your fellow Coloradoans need your help RIGHT NOW.

That’s why we’re urging you, to help us raise funds to give support to these two organizations so that they can continue to give food and support to people we know who need it.

This is not about people being able to give their families a nice holiday (although there’s nothing wrong with that). This is about survival pure and simple.

If you’ve been looking for a way to support and give back to the Colorado Springs COMMUNITY, this is an ideal opportunity.

The help and support of those who can offer, even a little, can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in the Colorado Springs COMMUNITY.

This holiday season, in the spirit of COMMUNITY and loving-kindness the council members of the Holistic Networkers Association have decided to help the COLORADO SPRINGS FOOD RESCUE and WESTSIDE CARES in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

If you have the means, would you consider a donation to our fundraiser on behalf of these organizations?


You’re Invited: HNA Virtual Holiday Party & Fundraiser

Join The Holistic Networkers Association For A Special Holiday Event

A Holiday Party For All Of Our Members: Past, Present, & Future ~ Near & Far

A Local Fundraiser to Support the Colorado Springs Community!

With 2020 coming to a close and the frustration of not being able to gather together in a traditional sense as we have in years past, the Holistic Networkers Association would like to celebrate our wonderful members and give back to the community as a way of ending the year on a positive note.

First Things First: The Fundraiser

The Holistic Networkers decided to give back to our local community and donate the funds that we raise to Colorado Springs Food Rescue (917 E Moreno) and Westside Cares (2808 W Colorado Ave) both located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Both Colorado Springs Food Rescue and Westside Cares offer food distribution services, Westside Cares also offers a number of other community resources to support Coloradoans in need of essential services in the Springs area.

Our goal is to raise $500 each for both Colorado Springs Food Rescue and Westside Cares. Our fundraiser has already begun and will end on Thursday, December 17th so that we may distribute the funds in time for the holidays.

You can submit a contribution for this fundraiser via PayPal link (submit your pledge to or you can send a contribution via check made out to The Holistic Networkers Association (with “Fundraiser” in the memo) or if you prefer traditional mail to Holistic Networkers Association, 1519 East Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909.

Watch the HNA Colorado Facebook page for fundraising challenges including matching fund challenges from Terra Essentials Directory and Miriam’s Place.

Visit our website and social media for more information and for regular updates.

We’re Having A Party: Ugly Sweaters Encouraged

Get-togethers and parties are something that the Holistic Networkers Association is known for and we could not end this year without trying to host one more party to end the year on a high note, even though it’s virtual.

You do not have to contribute to the fundraiser to participate. All are welcome (invite a friend)! Everyone who RSVPs will get the Zoom link and passcode just prior to the event (RSVP deadline: December 8). If you have not RSVPd you may be blocked from attending, so make sure that you share the name/email for everyone you are planning to attend with.

The following is the anticipated agenda for the event:

5:00 PM – Log In/Introductions
5:30 PM – Centering/Fundraiser Announcements
6:00 PM – Karaoke Sing-Along Dance Jam + Break-Out Rooms (for more intimate conversations between attendees, details to follow with your RSVP)
7:00 PM – “Best” Competition (For example Best virtual holiday background, Best actual holiday background, Best Ugly Sweater, and so on)
7:30 PM – HNA Traditional/Virtual Gift Exchange
8:00 – Closing comments/Final Fundraising Tally

More Information:

Most of the above agenda speaks for itself, but for clarity, we will have some lag time to allow attendees to trickle in and meet one another. We will center the Zoom as we do for every event. We will update our visitors on the fundraiser and then we will kick things off with a bit of music and a karaoke sing-along. If singing and dancing and having fun at one another’s expense aren’t your thing there will be break-out rooms arranged (via the chat feature) so that groups may chat amongst themselves and the music won’t be disruptive.

Before we close the party down, we’ll give out prizes for our “Best” competition, and then we’ll do the traditional HNA Gift Exchange where our practitioners and service providers can gift their goods or services (real or virtual) valued at $40 with another (unknown) attendee. (When you RSVP, you’ll be given a number. During our virtual gift exchange, your number will be drawn for gifting/receiving if you have a gift to exchange). Please contact Desiree Hickson at if you have virtual gifts to exchange for the “Best” competition or the Gift Exchange and/or to schedule a drop-off of any real/tangible items that you would like to contribute for the event/s.

Towards the end of the event, we will share any new announcements and offer up the final fundraising tally. We will end the event when the last guest has logged out.

Check out our website for more information and updates to the event notes.

In closing, today we invite you to join the HNA while we do some good for the community and raise some money for our friends and neighbors in need and then join us for a virtual party. Ugly sweaters and pajamas are welcome, but we strongly encourage you to dress up, just for fun, and decorate your Zoom Room as festively as possible and join your friends and the Holistic Networkers Association for a night of frivolity, dancing, singing, and connection.

More details to follow with Zoom link and passcode.

RSVP to by December 8, 2020.

Building Support Networks Within HNA

Creating and Sustaining Community through HNA

At the Holistic Networkers Association, we are establishing small mastermind groups to assist our members during these challenging times. As a group we decide:
   – what day and time we meet as well as how often   – if we meet in person or by zoom or a combination   – what venue fits us best (we are supporting restaurants serving healthy, locally- sourced foods and rotating where we meet)

We talk about our business challenges and share support. We also share personal happening in life just to stay balanced and connected.

Our pilot group has four people with one other person who joins us when she can. We feel having a small group you can count on to help and be available when you just need to talk really helps us stay grounded to move forward.  And HNA is providing the facilitators who will handle the details regarding the meeting for you and send out reminder notices.

For more information please call Desiree Hickson at 719-357-6584 or send an email to

HNA is a group of holistic health practitioners and businesses who meet once a month to learn about different aspects of running a holistic practice. Join us as we grow our group and meet new businesses.

HNA has an opportunity for a new Council member to be the coordinator for future luncheon and dinner meetings. Please let us know your interest by responding to this post and we will provide you with more information.

Feel free to extend this invitation to your friends who would like to attend. We are here to support our community as we can. HNA is a group of holistic health practitioners and businesses who meet once a month to learn about different aspects of running a holistic practice. There are no restrictions on the number of people from any given modality. There are annual dues. Attendance at our events is optional.

Our events are typically the 3rd Thursday of the month.  During each quarter, we hold luncheons the 1st and 2nd months; the 3rd month is an evening event. 

May you stay healthy and joyful during this time of new ways.

© 2020 HNA Colorado

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