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The HNA currently only meets remotely but we are happy to bring the community together and support other like-minded groups, organizations, businesses, including our members’ events and happenings.

Join the Zoom or connect with the Livestream on Facebook, Tuesday, October 13 at 4PM for Miriam’s Place Virtual Art Night with John Skinner!
Terra Essential newsletter Building a Healthy Community August edition is out. 馃摦Check your email. We have some great tips on how to handle business during the COVID 19 pandemic…
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Greetings HNA.
Our presenter from this month, Nina Durfee, author and Certified Professional Coach, has offered a special workshop for those who wish to Dress Your Message for Success.
Please RSVP directly to Nina Durfee at with your preferred date. A mutually agreeable date will be arranged.
Here are the details.
          路        A 2-hour interactive workshop via Zoom.
路        Participants will craft the Main Point for their project (speech, blog, workshop, book, marketing message).
路        Participants will offer and receive constructive perspective to enhance their message.
路        We will refine it to ensure an audience takeaway that is clear, concise, and compelling.
Participants will enjoy
路  Satisfaction of accomplishment
路  Increased clarity and confidence 
路  A skill they can apply for a variety of projects
路  Greater visibility and credibility that comes from crystal clear communication
Nina鈥檚 flat fee for the workshop is $500. Participant tuition will depend on number of attendees (5 participants pay $100 each. 10 participants pay $50 each.). She asks a minimum of 4 participants. If fewer than 4 express interest, she is happy to offer individual sessions at a fee conducive to single participation.
Enjoy the workshop!

Nina Durfee鈥檚 passion is clear, concise, compelling communication. As an author and Certified Professional coach she guides women to turn passion into productivity and to live not by default, but by design. As an editor, she helps solopreneurs showcase their genius through crystal clear content to attract and retain their ideal clientele. Nina writes, edits, and coaches from her home in the Rocky Mountains.

Hi Beloved People! 

 I am looking forward to an evolution of business . . . which I believe is a journey about the collective/rather than about corporate greed.  Despite the seeming lack of calm we have in these chaotic times ~ we can: still interpret & create new formulas for success in co-creating purposefully!!     And . . . what does this newsletter entail; you might ask!?  

Perhaps . . . THAT is to be a continued dialogue in our ongoing QUEST!!!!
I have created a platform URL so far called “Vital Axis Project” that shall serve to provide news ~ for members of the HNA, the greater holistic community, of course people at Miriam’s Place & collaborators toward the Common Good.

Just to give you an “update”: we (Linda Margrave as facilitator) are putting together a news broadcast (via email only so far) called the ENIGMA Newsletter .  This hopefully will be published on/ or around the 1st of every month (thanking Suzanne Metzger for the idea) using a free website platform called “Mailchimp”.  We hope to proudly sponsor our donors – offering thanks & recognition every month – and serve to notify the community of holistic opportunities… to continue a free and unsolicited issue for one’s perusal during leisure or on the quest to wellness.

This email verifies: you are one of the first to receive our Pre-issued ISSUE  of Collaboration Series: which INVITES you to: create an ad for yourself/business; seek counsel/support or create a new plan/idea/transformative tip that will lend itself well to the future.  This can look any way you’d like as long as it is constructive and is approved by our keen editing oversight.  

Please NOTE: Linda needs a full ten – five days; for your pre-submittal of any information you’d like in the next month’s issue.  

Please Also Note: we would appreciate it if you would share this with your PEOPLE.

Wishing you all the best of LOVE, LIGHT & WISDOM: knowing it is together we shall succeed!

A Special THANKS to MIRIAM’S PLACE for the connections & resources that spurred the motivation to make this happen!

If you would like to submit something for the month of July: please message me via email; or feel free to contact me (or my assistant Sonja) and we would be happy to assist you!

Linda Margrave
pHWellness (833) 749-2947
VitalAXIS Project, LMT

Because Art Is Healing,

Miriam’s Place, as a wholeness center dedicated to pain management through gentle touch and care, is proud to host an art show in our atrium gallery, every month, to promote health through art.

Please join us on this virtual tour of Christopher Cleary’s work.

Miriam’s Place will premiere a video on our Facebook Page where viewers can chat with one another about the work that they observe and connect with Miriam’s Place to find out more information about the pieces they would like to own.

Tuesday, June 9, the premiere is scheduled for 4PM and the second watch party will start at 7PM.
Art Is Healing.

Miriam鈥檚 Place, as a wholeness center dedicated to pain management through gentle touch and care, is proud to host an art show in our atrium gallery, every month, to promote health through art.
Please join us on this virtual tour of Susan Tormoen鈥檚 art work.

Miriam鈥檚 Place will premiere a video on our Facebook Page where viewers can chat with one another about the work that they observe and connect with Miriam鈥檚 Place to find out more information about the pieces they would like to own.
Something to help pass the time in a peaceful way during our current paradigm shift. Please join us for:
Shut Out The Noise-Beginner’s Meditation
A Virtual Class For Everyone 15+
Virtual Room Scheduled Every Saturday, 9-10AM (MST):
Download Zoom At
PLEASE RSVP With your Email By Thursday 6PM (MST) To receive The Zoom Meditation Room Link
The Dinosaur Brokers are bringing the Dinosaur Age to Miriam鈥檚 Place on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 from 4:30-7:30pm.
The Dinosaur Brokers will allow you to discover the allure of real dinosaur specimens with their displays. They will also share how they create scientifically accurate mounts from a tremendous selection of fossil and cast replica specimens.
Please join us at a reception to meet the Dinosaur Brokers at Miriam鈥檚 Place
The Power Breath Meditation workshop offers resilience training for optimum performance. Improve sleep, mental focus, wellness and regulate emotions – PT for the mind.

This workshop is complimentary for Veterans of all service eras and their immediate family members who are 18yrs+. Teachers will use adaptive techniques to aid any physical limitations. Course pace is limited.

HOURS: March 12 – 16, 2020, Thurs, Fri, Mon 6:30 PM- 9:30PM, Sat & Sun 9:30AM – 1:30PM. Attendance at all sessions is required.

LOCATION: Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center, Colorado Springs

TO REGISTER contact:

Member Mar-Yannu Hathory is hosting an event with Sarah Masse at Miriam’s Place:
A Journey To Other Dimensions With Group Trance-Channeling and Collective Reiki Immersion
“Join us for a conversation with beings of light from the ninth dimension and higher. While in a trance state, Mar-Yannu brings through a variety of beings of light, including a group of nine Arcturians, with a great sense of humor and delight. Universally and globally relevant information will be provided, as well as an opportunity for personal questions. During and following the trance-channeling, Sarah will lead the group in a Reiki collective immersion.”
Energy Exchange of $35 per person or $60 per couple
To RSVP, Contact
Mar-Yannu Hathory (719) 246-6620
Sarah Masse (303) 324-7626
Are You Willing to Support Fresh, Young Artistic Talent?
February 11, 2020
4:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Kaye Herl is having her first art show at Miriam鈥檚 Place. Kaye would love to show you her vision of the world. Kaye鈥檚 work is vibrant and dynamic. She uses acrylic, oil, gouache and watercolor styles in her paintings. She is looking forward to the opportunity to share her artwork and hearing your opinions of her work.

Do you have the time on the 11th to see her art, meet her, give her feedback, and discover more about her artwork?

Please join us at the reception for Kaye at Miriam鈥檚 Place, 1519 East Boulder Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 on February 11th, 4:30-7:30pm.

*Her work will be available for viewing in the atrium gallery throughout the month by appointment.

Special Announcement – We will have door prizes at this event. Just RSVP at or at 719 301-9508. Or come the night of the event to enter to win!
The Best Brain Ever Speaker’s Series Happy Hour/Coffee Hour
Wednesday, January 29, 2020 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Harmonized Brain Centers 2149 N Academy Blvd CS CO 80909
Second Tuesdays are Art Nights at Miriam’s Place!
We would like to invite you to attend the first Art Night of 2020 and meet Artist Shanon Padmore.
Shanon will be at a reception at Miriam’s Place on Tuesday, January 14, 4:30-7:30pm.
馃鈥嶁檪锔廇TTENTION馃鈥嶁檪锔: A Print of Shanon’s Artwork called “The Shaman” is being auctioned at this event.
December Events at The Sanctuary of Growth
Healing Hearts, A Children’s Grief and loss Art Therapy Workshop $30
Saturday, December 14th from 10:30-12:30
Holistic Health Collaborative Meeting, Free and open to the Public
Tuesday, December 17th from 2-3:30
Winter Solstice Art Therapy Workshop, Creating Vision for 2020 $30
Saturday, December 21st from 10:30-12:30
To RSVP for Events
Call (303)324-7626
Want to Meet Artist Shanon Padmore? Here is How.
January 14, 2020, 4:00pm 鈥 7:30pm in our Atrium Gallery.

Shanon Padmore is a Colorado Acrylic/Watercolor Artist providing creative images based on energetic vibratory modalities using acrylic and watercolor to depict the essence or vibration of any sentient being. A painting can be requested for a custom designed representation of the persona of the person, animal or place.

Her Background

Shanon grew up as a youth in northern New Mexico surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in a peaceful village with wildlife and nature in abundance. Having resided in many areas of the world, Shanon coveys a vast array of cultural interests. In 1980, she began her journey into the realm of therapeutic art images in California which lead her interest in drawing and painting. Subjects for her art are equine, animals, pets, angels/spiritual representations, celebrities, nature, birds and homages. Perhaps it came more as an inner searching, a journey of self-discovery ~ a symbolic therapy. In essence, she emerged an artist while working full time in the corporate world. Shanon learned techniques with occasional classes and study in art and her work leans toward expressionistic style.

Her Inspiration

The intensity of her expression began with a trip to visit The Louvre in Paris, France and she recounts that while standing in awe among the masters of color, a fiery passion to understand the mysteries of color emerged that just had to be expressed on canvas. She reflects that her expressions may start with an idea yet the outcome always seem to take a form all its own ~ capturing life and its mystery. Her vision throughout her works suggests compassion for every nuance of life. Currently
Shanon is a Substitute Guest Art Teacher for School District 20 and illustrating a travel adventure/spiritual book written by Gurattan Helgeson entitled, The Dollgiver and she has also taught workshops from Julia Cameron鈥檚 book, The Artist Way.

At the reception you can meet our artist, Shanon Padmore, And members of Miriam鈥檚 Place!

1519 East Boulder Street 鈥 Colorado Springs 鈥 CO 鈥 80909 719-301-9508
Monday evenings (ongoing) Be a BADASS at Making Money! Dee Gromelski 719-492-8123 Journeys Counseling Center Next workshop starts Mon. Aug. 19th 5-6:30pm

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