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The Holistic Networkers Association is a group of like-minded practitioners and individuals who believe in supporting, promoting, and living a holistic lifestyle in our community. 

Alternative wellness education for our community.

HNA meets remotely or Only in limited sized groups

(Due to social distancing constraints, HNA public meetings are limited at this time. We are currently building small support groups that can meet via Zoom or in person, based on the desires of each specific groups’ members. Send an email to hnacolorado@gmail.com if you are interested in joining one. It’s free.)

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Action Alert!

It is our last chance to let the FDA know we support homeopathy.

The goal is to reach 40,000 comments by this deadline! Please take action by December 7!!!

Access the form at the following link and add your name and comments to the list. (The site does not save or reuse your information).

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